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Aerofil Thread - Color #8880 - Turquoise - 40 wt, 440 yds - Madeira

Madeira Aerofil Polyester Thread

Type: Aerofil 120
Art. No.: 9125
Use: Sewing
Material: 100% Polyester corespun
Length: 400 m / 440yds

  • All-purpose, high-quality sewing thread for all fabrics and seams
  • Made of 100% strong polyester core spun
  • Suitable for stitching with the sewing machine and by hand
  • High tensile strength and optimal sewing performance without fiber lint and seam crimping
  • Excellent sewing properties such as elasticity, strength, and glides through fabrics knot-free
  • Tired of running out of thread in the middle of a project? This 400 m spool produces an average of 80,000 stitches