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Introductory Classes

This is where it all starts...

Intro to Sewing, Part 1: Machine Basics

Learn the basics of how to use your sewing machine. If you are new to sewing, start here.

Cost: $65 + $ 25 kit (optional)

Intro to Sewing, Part 2: Sewing Tools

Intro to Sewing, Part 2: Sewing Tools
After you learn the basics of your sewing machine, get your practice using a variety of sewing tools that make creating projects easier. 

Cost: $60 + $35 kit (optional)

As you get comfortable with your sewing machine,
beginner sewing classes are a great way to practice your new skills!

Beginner Sewing: Bucket Hat

Beginner Sewing: Bucket Hat
In this beginner class, practice your curves by stitching up a bucket hat that can be used for any occasion.

Cost: $60 + $ 25 kit (optional)

Beginner Sewing: Apron

Beginner Sewing: Apron
In this beginner sewing class, create an apron that is perfect for either the kitchen or art room. 

Cost: $60 + $25 kit (optional)