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For the Home

Sewing for your home is the perfect way to add your special touch!

Zippered Pillows

It is surprising how simple extra steps can make your pillow go from comfy to luxury! This pattern can easily be sized up to accommodate any desired pillow size.

Cost: $ 60 + $ 55 kit (optional)

Flatlock Serged Zippered Pillows

Flatlock Serged Pillow
This class is very similar to Zippered Pillows but on your serger! Learn how to insert a zipper with your serger and use a flatlock stitch to quilt your pillow front. 

Cost: $ 60 + $ 55 kit (optional)

Basic Curtains

Basic Curtains
Curtains can make a room truly unique. Learn basic construction of two curtain types and how to measure to length for the perfect fit.

Cost: $ 60 + $ 35 kit (optional)

In-the-Hoop Tapestry Zipper Bags

In the Hoop Zipper Pouch
Gather up your scraps and your coordinating threads to make a coordinating tapestry zipper bag! This project is not only a great way to play with thread colors, it's also perfect to hold small accessories, supplies, or gifts!

Cost: $60.00 + $40 kit (optional)

Palette 11: Creating Machine Embroidery Designs with a Hand Embroidery Look

Palette 11: Creating Machine Embroidery Designs with a Hand Embroidery Look
With 40+ hours recreating the designs on our Mirabel dress, there was a huge focus on using specialty threads and specific techniques in digitizing to master this look. Come learn techniques that were used and create your own design with these effects!

Cost: $ 60 + $ 20 kit (optional)

Design Monograms with Embrilliance AlphaTricks

Design Monograms with Embrilliance Alpha Tricks
AlphaTricks is software focused on working with digitized fonts to create typable, keyboard-ready fonts.

Cost: $ 60.00 + $20 kit (optional)


Learn why this is one of the most popular projects for the home!

Intro to Quilting Part 1: Piecing

Quilting is the perfect way to express your creativity. In this class, you will focus on piecing your quilt top.

Cost: $ 60 + $ 75 kit (optional)

Intro to Quilting Part 2: Quilting

In the second class of our Quilting Series, you will focus on the quilting part of building a quilt - sewing together the top, batting, and backing fabric.

Cost: $ 60 (kit sold with Part 1)

Intro to Quilting Part 3: Binding

In the third and last part of our Quilting Series, you will learn how to finish the edge of your quilt with binding. Afterward, you'll have a completed quilt and ready to tackle your next project!

Cost:$ 60 (kit sold with Pt 1 only)

Quilting with your Serger

Quilting with your Serger
Quilting with your serger is fun and, more importantly, the bobbin never runs out! Learn how to piece, quilt, and bind a small placemat to get you started.

Cost: $ 60 + $ 45 kit (optional)