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Mr. Sewing Machine's Costuming & Cosplay Meetup

Monthly Meetup on Sewing Techniques for Leveling Up your Costuming Skills

At Mr. Sewing Machine, we have a passion for the Art of Sewing and teaching others in our Community how to get the most out of their sewing machines. Early January 2023, we created a Cosplay Workshop which was a three day hands-on workshop with Cosplay industry and career professionals. Unfortunately, the lack of interest in the full event led us to cancel. In its place, we are starting a monthly meetup to accomplish our same goals - teaching sewing techniques to those in the costuming and cosplay Community!

Our NEW monthly meetup is FREE!

Each month, join us at Mr. Sewing Machine to learn a new sewing technique with a demo, talk and share cosplay news, show off your latest piece and problem solve any sewing issues you may be encountering. We welcome anyone interested in costuming whether it is from comics, movies, television, renaissance, futuristic, steampunk, or your own custom creation. We aren't exclusive to any one group despite the title to the meetup! We want to learn from everyone as much as we want to share our information. Everyone is welcome no matter the project!

We will meet on the 4th Friday of the month from 5:30-7:30. Feel free to bring your sewing projects, sewing machine and/or serger, or just come and listen. We'll have kits available for every demo that will range in cost from $20 - $50 depending on the project. In addition, we'll have a 3 hr class offering if you want hands-on practice with the technique being taught in the demo each month. We will cover all types of techniques from leatherwork, embroidered patches, styling wigs and e-textiles.

February Meetup Topic

Steampunk Leather Belt and Pouch

Create your own custom belt and pouch with a Steampunk twist!

In this demo, we'll be showing you how to stain leather for belts, install buckles, rivets, and snaps, and set up your sewing machine for success when sewing with leather. We will also have additional items such as chicago screws, conchos, and tooling techniques that can also help you create a piece that is truly unique.

Looking for a hands-on approach to learning this skill? Check out our Steampunk Leather Belt and Pouch class!

Cosplay January Meeting - Wrist Guards

January Meetup Topic

Cosplay Arm Guards

Learn how to create the ultimate arm guard!

In this demo, we'll be showing you how to combine bobbin work with thicker threads in your sewing machine to create an amazing decorative effect. You'll be able to also use this skill on bobbin work embroidery, as well. In addition, we'll discuss how to do measurements and how to inlay a zipper into vinyl fabric. You'll also learn how to use a teflon foot and what to do when you don't have one available.

Looking for a hands-on approach to learning this skill? Check out our Cosplay Arm Guards class!

Cosplay January Meeting - Wrist Guards